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About PM Mold

Technically oriented. Quality driven.

PM Mold is a global supplier to the world, routinely shipping molds and plastic injection molded parts since 1963.

PM Mold is a vertically integrated plastics manufacturer all the way from product design to shipping the final product out the door. We have been serving the plastics industry for over 50 years and are committed to continuous improvement and growth. Our extensive backgrounds here at PM Mold make us a leader in the plastics industry.

Our Competitive advantage is being a vertically integrated plastics manufacturer. This means all our customers receive a seamless manufacturing process for their products as all phases of the process are taken care of and managed by PM Mold.

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What We Offer

Leading the Way

World-Class Capabilities & Innovative Solutions Set PM Mold Apart



Over 50 years of manufacturing experience that assists our customers with engineering, prototyping, material selection, and process improvement.


Impeccable reputation amongst our customers and suppliers and are especially known for our problem-solving capabilities.


Highly experienced employees are focused on operational excellence and lean manufacturing from our 43,000-square-foot modern facility.

PM Mold is always looking for ways to make a difference.

At PM Mold, we're always looking for ways to make a difference – for our customers, but also for the communities where we work and live.

For example, PM Mold has a long legacy within the Plastics Industry. Our founders helped to establish the American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) in 1973 and our leadership is still actively involved, donating time and resources to help promote viable careers in mold manufacturing to young people throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area, as well as to their parents, counselors and teachers.

IMG 9100 PMMold 0100PM Mold is also an active member of the Technology and Machining Association, which offers advocacy in Illinois government on issues affecting our industry as well as an acclaimed apprenticeship program that enhances our ability to capably serve our customers.

Within the larger community, our company proudly participated in a pilot program designed to assist returning military veterans with successfully redeploying to the civilian workforce. 

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Additional Resources: is an effort by the Chicago Chapter of the American Mold Builders Association to cultivate careers in mold manufacturing. 

"MoldMaking Matters" is a video introduced March, 2015 featuring young plastics professionals speaking to their career path and the satisfaction they find in the plastics profession.

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A Legacy of excellence.

Founded in 1963 by partners Olav Bradley and Norbert Hauck, PM Mold has been making a difference for our customers and in the communities where we work and live. Our company culture combines ingenuity with precision and advanced capabilities to deliver unmatched results, helping our customers get their products to market quickly and efficiently.

PM Mold celebrated its 50th anniversary on August 9, 2013, with a day out at Arlington Park Racetrack.

Shown here are founders Olav Bradley and Norbert Hauck during our 50th anniversary celebration. They built the company on a strong foundation of family values and community involvement. In 1973, PM Mold was one of the founding members of the American Mold Builders Association, the mold manufacturing industry's trade organization committed to advocacy and technology advancement.

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